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The summit of Easter Island

Easy walk to Terevaka, the roof of Rapa Nui

Rapa Nui is not a very high volcanic island, nor is it steep in the center. The 508 meter highest point, Terevaka, is even easier to reach. The summit of Easter Island offers you magnificent panoramic landscapes over almost the entire island and its vast ocean.

This trekking is an opportunity to discover atypical spaces. Far from the coastal edges where traditional archaeological sites are usually visited, this walk begins in a wooded environment, gradually giving way to the valleys and hills that lead us to the summit. The paths and trails, more or less signposted, house lava tubes and other geological curiosities formed by the successive lava flows that truly built Easter Island. Rest assured, no volcano is active anymore and has been for two millennia.

The descent is made along another slope and ends with a guided visit to Ahu Akivi (A Tiu), a sacred and fully restored platform with its seven stone colossi facing the sea.

Panoramic view and impressive landscape

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