AROHA TOURS RAPA NUI, and its local guides, invite you to discover Easter Island - Rapa Nui with its tours, visits and walks.

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A fascinating island!

Explore the magic of Easter Island with Aroha Tours Rapa Nui! This website is your gateway to an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the South Pacific. Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of this mysterious island and discover the wonders of its ancient culture.
Because its techniques and architectural achievements are unique, because its environmental adaptation is also unique, you will remain captivated by the most eastern of Polynesian lands.

Our Native Professional tourist guides will take you to discover and understand this surprising megalithic civilization, a unique adventure in the history of humanity.
We offer you different formats of tours and circuits with 100% private and guided in English (fully motorized) to make your stay an unforgettable experience. All the archaeological sites will be presented to you. Also available are hiking tours that will enrich your discovery of the island. Uncrowded trails and exceptional landscapes reveal other Neolithic remains of the ancestral culture of Easter Island – Rapa Nui and are the ideal complement to a visit to the main archaeological sites. Each hike is also completely private and guided in English, and adapts perfectly to your pace.

The complete and detailed program of these tours, visits, circuits, and hikes is accessible further down on this page or via the menu above.

We invite you to discover this beautiful, fascinating and captivating island.

Iorana! AROHA TOURS RAPA NUI, and our guides, welcome you to the perfect site to discover Easter Island.

Our exclusive tours offer you a complete immersion in the cultural and natural heritage of Easter Island. With experienced local professional tour guides, each tour becomes an educational and exciting experience. From majestic stone statues, the Moai, to sacred archaeological sites, passing through the sumptuous landscapes of the island, we will take you on an incomparable adventure.
Take advantage of local expertise. We offer you authentic perspectives and share deep knowledge.

Our tours are tailor-made: each traveler is unique. These flexible tours adapt to your interests and schedules.
Aroha Tours Rapa Nui is committed to preserving the island’s environment. Our tours are respectful of nature and local culture.
Plan your memorable trip today! Book your tour with Aroha Tours Rapa Nui and get ready for an adventure that will stay with you forever. Let us be your guide to explore the incredible heritage of Easter Island.

Discover, learn and create lasting memories with Aroha Tours Rapa Nui. Book now to live an unforgettable experience!

Tours in Rapa Nui - Personalized excursions - Adapted discoveries Quality services with AROHA TOURS RAPA NUI and our guides.

Close-up of the giant statues of Easter Island.

Discover the different guided tours offered here. 100% private

Close-up of the giant statues of Easter Island.

Access sites and landscapes that are inaccessible other than on trek. 100% private hikes.

Close-up of the giant statues of Easter Island.

Special program for your stopover on a 100% private excursion

Located in the heart of the Pacific Ocean, Rapa Nui is a one-of-a-kind destination. Famous for its stone statues, the Moai, this isolated island offers an unforgettable travel experience.
Its culture is Polynesian. The colossi carved into the volcanic rock are the emblem of the island and arouse worldwide fascination. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to discover the mysteries surrounding the construction of these monumental statues.

But Easter Island is not limited to its ancient monuments. It also offers breathtaking natural landscapes. Discover its white sand beach bathed by the crystal clear waters of the Pacific Ocean. Go and explore its most remote corners on a hike to access its treasures inaccessible otherwise than on hike.

Rapa Nui National Park, which covers around 40% of the island, is the ideal place for hikers, experienced or beginners. It is full of impressive geological formations such as lava tubes and volcanic craters.
Planning your trip: Easter Island is a destination all its own, so plan your trip accordingly. You can reach the island by plane from Santiago, Chile. Once there, you will need a resident guide to explore the island.

Make sure to respect the environment and culture of the island by following the rules and recommendations of local authorities.

Easter Island is much more than just a tourist destination. It is an immersive experience in an ancient culture, surrounded by spectacular natural landscapes. If you are looking to enrich your mind while amaze your senses, Easter Island is the ideal destination for you. Come discover this jewel of the Pacific and let yourself be carried away by its mysterious and captivating charm.

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